The Popular Rock Bands in the History

1950s Rock and Roll plays a significant role in the music industry. Rock bands play a massive cultural force in the musical scene. The evolution of popular music does not dramatically alter by Rock Bands. This style of music affects and greatly influenced human behavior, cultural norms, and as well as fashion.

Rock Bands are very popular in adults and teenagers nowadays. This type of music is being associated with many things, such as youth and rebellion. In the US, in 2017, R&B is the most popular genre, together with hip-hop. This is based to Nielsen Music which surpasses the rock music in the industry. Nowadays, Rock bands are not very popular. But classic rock bands in the history are still alive and well.

In choosing the most famous rock bands in history, 24/7 Wall St. makes use of different metrics. These metrics are used to select the most renowned rock bands. The choice is based and measured through the use of Billboard performances, popularity in the online, Wikipedia page views, streaming platform Spotify, records sales, and even YouTube subscribers.

One of the few popular rock bands in history are the following:

  1. Linkin Park

The Rock band was formed in 1996 at the Agoura Hills in California. The all-time US album sale of the band is 27.0 million, and the most popular album is the Hybrid Theory. They have an annual Wikipedia page views which are 8,429,414.

  1. Guns N’ Roses

The band was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1985. Guns N’ Roses have an all-time US album sales amounting to 44. 5 Million. The most popular album of the band is the Appetite for Destruction. The annual Wikipedia page view of the bands is 5,004,935.

  1. The Beatles

The Beatles was formed in Liverpool, the United Kingdom in the year of 1960. The all-time US album sales of 178 million makes the band most famous album is “The Beatle.”